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Instant B2B Invoicing and Payments

Paysail leverages asset-backed stablecoins to offer an innovative global B2B invoicing solution with immediate access to incoming funds.

Discover Key Features

Paysail-generated wallet
Create a Paysail wallet seamlessly upon signing up for a Paysail account.
Invoice PDF download
Download PDFs of invoices and transaction receipts.
Receipt with transaction block info
Receive receipts upon payment including block, hash, and invoice ID information. All receipts include a clickable link to view further transaction details on blockscout.
In-app addition/removal of funds
Add and remove funds right from your Paysail dashboard using your copyable wallet address or QR code.
Personalized dynamic dashboard
Leverage real-time insights from your Paysail dashboard to understand your balances across different currencies, wallet address, recent transactions, and wallet composition — all on your Paysail dashboard.
Customer-specific invoice history
View all previous invoices with specific customers within your personalized contact book and easily filter based on amount, status, and due date.
Searchable invoice IDs
Search previous invoices in your Paysail account using unique IDs associated with invoices.
Email integration
Receive email notifications when sent invoices and upon payment completion.

Payment Infrastructure

Invoice on Celo
Currently offering invoicing and transactions in CELO and the stablecoin cUSD to enable borderless payments.
Coming soon
Integrating USDC for high speed, reliable transactions, and transparent funding and auditing.

Create, send, and pay invoices effortlessly

Accelerate your workflow with our clean and clear invoice creation system.
  • Create invoices in seconds
  • Send in one click
  • Pay in two clicks

  • Seamlessly manage invoices

    Keep all your invoices organized in one place.
  • Utilize dynamic dashboard to manage invoices
  • Filter by status to stay up to date on paid, unpaid, and past due invoices
  • Create and preview in just a few seconds

  • Systematic payment flow

    Offer new payment methods to your customers that better suit their needs and reduce your time to get paid
  • Pay invoices with ease
  • Transact in stablecoins for reliable payments
  • Choose from 4 out-of-network payment methods

  • How It Works

    Create an invoice
    Create and send invoices in one swift motion. Invoiced recipients will receive the digital invoice via email with the option to pay instantly.

    Numbers That Matter

    Record-breaking transaction speeds and low costs
    ~5 seconds
    to process and complete transactions
    transaction costs

    Not just different. Better.

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    • Paysail leverages asset-backed stablecoins to enable a bottom-up change for invoicing by offering an instant, global B2B payment experience with immediate access to incoming funds.
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